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September 29, 2009

Indoctrination, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Folks, if you don’t believe this video is indoctrination…then read the quotes from history from below and give it a second thought…

With youth I can create a new world

“I begin with the young. We older ones are used up. But my magnificent youngsters! Look at these men and boys! What material! With them, I can create a new world”

Adolf Hitler – Nuremberg 1933

By the time Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, 3.5 million children were members of the Hitler Youth.

“We must create out of the younger generation a generation of Communists. We must turn children, who can be shaped like wax, into real, good Communists…. We must remove the children from the crude influence of their families. We must take them over and, to speak frankly, nationalize them. From the first days of their lives they will be under the healthy influence of Communist children’s nurseries and schools. There they will grow up to be real Communists.”

Communist Party Education Workers Congress – 1918

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – 1st Leader of the Soviet Union

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August 20, 2009

Sharia, the USA Way…Coming Your Way Soon? by Beverly Hicks Burch

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Sharia, the USA Way…coming your way soon?

By Beverly Hicks Burch

The following video was taken during Arabfest in Dearborn, MI in June 2009. Dearborn has one of the highest Arab populations in the USA. I think it’s interesting to see “peaceful” “tolerant” Islam at work especially when they invite questions and questions are asked…

Is this Islamic Sharia USA style coming our way soon?

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August 17, 2009

A Sick System, by Beverly Hicks Burch

A Sick System

By Beverly Hicks Burch

The Obama Administration points to the Canadian healthcare system and those similar in Europe as shining examples as to what we in the US should aspire to. Boy is that ever a sick idea!

Canada has a new incoming President of the Canadian Medical Association name Dr. Anne Doig. At an upcoming CMA conference, Dr. Doig plans on telling her fellow Canadian doctors that the Canadian government run healthcare (socialized healthcare or as I call it “womb to the tomb” healthcare) is “sick” and “imploding” on itself. Pure and simple they are running out of resources and currently they can barely keep up with daily basics.

Should we wonder why Canadians flock over the border (and no I don’t mean the geese) seeking decent healthcare? And has anyone ever wondered why Europeans who can afford it come to the US for healthcare? For one it’s the best in the world…better that most government measured, managed and doled out systems.

President BO rambles on about this euphemism called “end of life counseling”. Let me ask you, do you want some government pencil head deciding whether you or a loved one is considered a good enough risk to spend government health care dollars on? Are you or your loved one too old, too sick or too undesirable to be worthy of government healthcare dollars? Do you want a government wonk deciding how much a human life is worth? Yes, that will happen and it has happened before in history. If you don’t believe it, watch this video and afterwards I want to share and relate this personally.

My Tall & Handsome has a paternal aunt that is approaching 90 years old. She has a real pioneer spirit and spunk and get up and go. This little lady has been active and independent all of her life. But as age has crept up on her as it will with all of us, she has dealt with occasional health issues. Recently she was admitted overnight to the hospital for chest pain. She was dehydrated and they dealt with a couple of other issues. But, after her release she got a bee in her bonnet to drive…alone…6 hours to visit a relative. Yes, she was fine and had done thing like this for years…she’s a very capable woman.

Now imagine where she would have been if an end of life counselor had determined there were no healthcare dollars available for her or that she had already had her fair share? Not still with us I’m afraid.

Folks not only is the Canadian system sick, but it is sick to hold it up as an example for us to follow…and it’s sick for the Obama Administration to put dollar amounts on human life and ration out healthcare.

Do we ever need a RX for this administration…

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Healthcare Reform Poll

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August 15, 2009

UPS Yours, by Beverly Hicks Burch

UPS Yours

By Beverly Hicks Burch

President BO went to Portsmouth, NH to transact a Town Hall meeting concerning his healthcare “reform”. And, whether he realizes it or not he just told the American public…”UPS yours!”

Why? Well, as Obama blathered on without a teleprompter about the state of private sector vs. government run, President BO said, to paraphrase, “The private industry is doing great…just great thank you. Why, look how well, UPS and FedEX are doing. It the US Post Office that’s struggling…”


Whaaaaaaat?! Jesus, Mary and Joseph…did those words just vomit out of that man’s mouth?! Because if they did, in essence what he is telling us is that private sector can get the job done great, but the government run sector screws up…big time! And now he wants us, the American people to apply that pissant theory to the best healthcare system in the world?! In effect he’s saying, “UPS yours American people.”

But, folks what they’re also not telling you is that we already have government healthcare in work in different sectors. We have Medicaid and Medicare and these two systems have been chock-o-block full of graft, misuse and abuse for years.

Then there’s that stellar VA system. Recently it was revealed that at least three VA hospitals…one in Miami, FL; one in Murfreesboro, TN and one in Augusta, GA had exposed more than 10,000 patients to HIV. So far 5 have tested positive for HIV and 43 and tested positive for hepatitis. The speculation is unclean instruments were used in surgical procedures that caused cross contamination.

Then there’s recent case in point number two: A USAF Airman enter Travis Air Base Medical Facility to have a routine laparoscopic gall bladder surgery. He just went in to have his gall bladder removed. During the procedure the doctors punctured his aorta, placing him in critical condition, and endangering the blood supply to his legs. A1C Colton Read went home minus both legs. He is 20 years old. And because Travis Medical Center is a government facility, Colton Read CAN NOT sue the Federal Government for malpractice!

This is government healthcare at work for you…

Yep, folks…we’re being told UPS yours by the new administration who doesn’t care if we like our healthcare or not. I think we need tell them what we think about it, don’t you?

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An Overheard Conversation, by Beverly Hicks Burch

An Overheard Conversation

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Last night while on the way in from work, Tall & Handsome stopped to pick us up a bite of supper. While waiting for the food he happened to overhear a very interesting conversation.

Sitting next to T & H was a guy who worked for a local car dealership that sells (foreign) cars. He and another person were discussing the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

The guy who was part of the conversation not in the automotive industry was asking how the program worked and Mr. Car Salesman was more than happy to tell him…well, kinda…sorta…

But first, let me ask you…do you know what counts as a “clunker” for a trade-in?

Well here are the qualifications:

· The vehicle must have been made within the last 25 years from the day of the trade-in, but in the case of category 3 vehicles (trucks or vans) the vehicle can’t be made later than 2001.

· The combined city/highway fuel economy must be 18 MPG or less.

· Be in drivable condition (!)

· You must own it at least a year before you trade it in.

So what do you have to do to get that whopping $3,500 or $4,500 into your grubby little hands? Well, read on:

· You must purchase or lease the new vehicle for five years.

· The new vehicle must sell for $45,000 (and who the heck can afford that in this obamination of an economy?!) and get at least a whopping 22 combined MPG.

· If you want $3,500 your trade-in must best your old vehicle by 5 – 9 MPG, but if you want the $4,500 cash for clunkers your new vehicle needs to get 10 MPG or more better than your old “clunker”.

So, according to these standards, these “clunkers” may not be that old, are in perfectly good running condition…and in many cases paid for! So, for $3,500 – $4,500 the Obama Administration wants you to go into debt…guess they don’t want a bushel of apples falling too far from the little apple tree…

Now, back to the overheard conversation…

Mr. Car Salesman said it was a great program for young people…who usually end up buying “throw away” cars and that the dealership “adjusts” the price of the vehicle to reflect the “clunker” money…in other words folks…as the old timer would say, “Ya ain’t getting that good of a deal.”

According to Mr. Car Salesman, when John Q. Public brings in his “clunker” the car dealerships across the country are required to pour a liquid into the works of the “clunker” to permanently disable it and make it forever undrivable. That means we have crushed “clunkers” stacking up like cord wood in salvage yards across the nation at a rate of 10 – 20 cars per day…so much for the environment…and all for a few more miles per gallon! Think of the energy it takes to shred all of those thousands or millions of clunker. And, where does the plastics, tires and chemicals like engine fuels and refrigerants end up? Often in landfills and as hazardous waste that need to be disposed somewhere.

And remember that liquid a dealership has to run through the vehicle to permanently disable it? That liquid is a lethal sodium silicate solution. According to the Automotive Waste Recycler’s Association that process just creates more waste making heretofore salvageable parts worthless and costing the salvage yard a loss of profit of about $700 to $1200 per vehicle. Many environmental groups and watchdogs are concerned about these factors of the program. Please take the time to read the article Does Cash for Clunkers help the environment? It’s Debatable

And what has this “cash for clunkers” program done for the economy? Well, by July of this year (2009) the government had burned through almost $950 million they had set aside for the program. (I don’t know about you, but in my household we’d benefitted a whole lot better it the government tit had just sent us a check in the mail for what they were doling out…) Just to make sure the program will continue, President BO has signed a $2 billion dollar measure that will infuse, extend and engorge this particular government tit for a little longer…

This was done because of a dirty little secret…right now the government is rejecting about 85% of the “Cash for Clunker” claims that dealerships are filing. One dealer is owed $1 million by the government and a dealer in California has filed 92 claims and has been reimbursed for 3. Folks, that means there are a whole lot of dealerships not receiving money supposedly guaranteed by the Obama Administration (unless of course the administration keeps perpetually “infusing” the program at our expense with our tax dollars)…and that translates into working US citizens who could lose their jobs if the dealerships have to lay off because of lack of funds…

Once again…I’d rather see a onetime check in the mail if President BO is flushing all those Benjamins down the toilet…wonder if he knows what D-E-B-T spells? We could take our checks and pay off our debt or give it back to the government to pay if its debt…novel idea, huh?

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August 4, 2009

New Poll

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August 2, 2009

Cash for Clunkers, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Cash for Clunkers

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Cash for Clunkers sounds like a good idea, right? Turn in your old run down car that guzzles gas and get $3,500 – $4,500 cash towards a newer, sleek model that gets better MPG and saves the Earth against the evils of “global warming”. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and want to stand up and sing ♪ If I had a hammer…♪

Well, listen to this and think about it before you fall prey to the latest scheme from the realm of the Obama Czars. Do you know the definition of a “czar” by the way? Czar – 1. An emperor or king; 2. An autocratic ruler or leader; 3. Any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field. Remember this folks…these “czars” are not elected and they don’t go through any confirmation hearing or process like Cabinet members or Supreme Court Judges…they are merely appointed!!

Now to participate in the “Cash for Clunkers” programs one of the steps is to go the government website http://www.cars.gov but be advised…this is your disclaimer…when and if you do and you click through the site, the New government will OWN your computer, its files, the system and everything therein…and they will tell you that and that they are about to hijack you, you computer, your life and you privacy and anything on your computer. This is our Brave New World under Barak Hussein Obama…we are waaaay past 1984…

If you don’t believe me, watch this video and the website in action…

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June 4, 2009

Howdee Doodee “Obobblehead” Does It Again, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Howdee Doodee “Obobblehead” Does It Again!

By Beverly Hicks Burch

As Ronald Reagan was famous for saying, (especially against ineffectual, incompetent and incumbent candidate, Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Presidential debate) “There you go again…”

There you go again…Pres. BO for trying to speak without your teleprompters and once again doing one of two things. You either committed another HUGE gaffe (remember the Special Olympics blooper?) or you revealed your true side and allegiance…one many have suspected and have been trying to warn the American people they saw tucked under those sheep’s clothing of yours.

As Obama was preparing to travel to one of his favorite and most traveled places since he took office (the Arab world) he took the time out for a little interview with Laura Haim of Canal Plus via I-Television…a first for the French press.

Concerning his upcoming trip to the Arab world, homeland of millions of angry Muslims who would like nothing better than make the Earth devoid of Infidel Americans, Obama made a startling statement. He asserts the people of the US should educate themselves more effectively on Islam. (Once again Obama seems to be condescending to the very people who placed him in the Oval Office. They are after all a bunch of uneducated oafs. And just to play devil’s advocate, how come Muslims never have to educate themselves effectively on Christianity or Judaism?)

Obama’s contention for this need of Islamic education is because the US after all could be counted as one of the largest Islamic nations in the world.

OMG! Is this man for real?!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…boy, do we need Your help here now!

To be fair, let’s ask where does he get his “fact”? Well, according to him if we count the number of Muslim Americans in the USA we would be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Huh?!

Well, I think he ought to ask the majority of Americans living in this country how we feel about that, especially on the anniversary of 9/11. I think Obama ought to ask the thousands of family members who lost love ones at Ground Zero in New York City, the Pentagon and Flight 93 how they feel about that and do they considered themselves to be living in one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.

This coming Sunday how about asking all the people in churches and synagogues in the US if they believe they are living in one of the largest Muslim nationss in the world.

But, yet again, to try and be fair instead of taking a sentimental or emotional look at the statement, let’s look at numbers.

According to the Pew Research Center there are 2.3 million Muslims in the USA and roughly 65% of those were born outside the US. Now compare that to 200 million Muslims in Indonesia, 156 million Muslims in India and Pakistan has over 150 million Muslims. These numbers don’t included major Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar and other countries where the populations are millions upon millions of Islamic citizens.

Oh, yeah Pres. BO…the 2.3 million Muslims here in the USA really make us a major player in the Arab world…NOT! Hey, how come we’re not in OPEC?! If we’re such a good, big Islamic nation, how come they’ve been sucker punching us for years?

By saying that the 2.3 million Muslims in the USA makes the USA one of the largest Islamic countries in the world is like saying our rat population makes us one of the biggest Rodent Nations in the world…oh, wait maybe we are because someone just elected the Big Cheese for President.

Pres. BO for this one you receive the official “Howdee Doodee Obobblehead” Award…what a putz…

Ladies, prepare your burqas

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May 30, 2009

A Descent Into Madness? by Beverly Hicks Burch

A Descent Into Madness?

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Since last November and what has been heralded as the “historic” election of Barak Hussein Obama there has been much condescending, derision and downright hostility if you do not foam and froth at the mouth in adoration for the new Anointed One. If you express concern for the direction for the country and use the words “fascist”, “fascism”, “Socialist” or “communist” in the same sentence with Pres. BO (so named by me because a lot of his policies carry a big stink with them)…well, prepare yourself and your family for the gulags…

I remember when President Reagan uttered the words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Of course he was referring to the Berlin Wall, and the wall that had been thrown up between the East and the West since the beginning of the Cold War.

Well, guess what? The wall fell. Ronald W. Reagan was and has been credited, even by those on the left, as the man who won the Cold War and brought down the Berlin Wall. By doing so he pretty much tanked communism in the East…well, except for nut jobs like Kim Jong-Il of North Korea.

While reading the book God and Ronald Reagan, by Paul Kengor I’ve discovered what lead Ronald Reagan to that place in history. Believe it or not, it was from the bowels of Hollywood and the days of blacklisting.

Reagan was President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) during those difficult days. He learned from trying to deal openly, honestly and fairly with the communist and communist sympathizers in Hollywood who believed in taking no hostages. It was their way…or terrorization. Reagan had to resort to strapping on a Smith and Wesson to protect himself during those tense times. He had been threatened with bodily harm which included disfiguring acid in the face. (I can hear “tolerant” and “pacifist” liberals now…”Oh, wow! Why didn’t they follow through on their word?!)

What many people may not know is that Reagan started out in life as a liberal Democrat. He was a FDR New Deal man. But, real life set in and he began to see the punitive and pejorative results of liberal tactics and policies. Policies like tax rates that discouraged people from working and punished hard work. And, although he was supportive of policies that helped people in need during times of emergencies (like the Great Depression) he saw the policies become permanent fixtures which lead to growing welfare rolls that seem to trap generations of families into a bitter cycle instead of teaching them how to excel.

As author Kengor put it, Reagan evolved from a FDR Democrat to a “Truman Democrat in the late 1940s, he was a Eisenhower Democrat by 1952, and a Nixon Republican by the early 1960s.” Reagan always said of the Democrat party, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.”

Today if Ronald Reagan could see the “shining city on a hill” that he envisioned America to be, I’m afraid he would see a broken down, soon to be Third World country teetering on the brink of ruin. As the old farmer might say, “There ain’t no shine on poop…just stink…”

So, yes, I will say it. The current administration is leading us down a socialistic path…following the likes of Marx, Trotsky and Lenin. For some twisted unknown reason, the liberals in the US still believe that socialism and communism will work…even though they have been dismal failures in other countries. Guess they still believe that because that is what they are spoon feed from the tit of almost every American university in the US. They are the bastions of socialism and communism. If you have college age children…AND, you pay their tuition, you should be aware of what they are plying to your kids…

Now, if you don’t won’t to take my word for it…that the US is headed for socialism, I wouldn’t blame you. But, how `bout taking into consideration the word of someone…people who have been there, bought the T-shirt and know all about it? They’ve lived…and managed to break away from that horrid social experiment called the Soviet Union thanks to Ronald W. Reagan. I’m sure you’ve guessed whom I’m talking about. Russians…former Soviet Union citizens and believe it or not Pravda.

If you don’t have time to read but one other thing this week please read this piece from Pravda, the former Soviet news agency. To whet your curiosity, let me just give you the opening line: “It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.” Please, please read the whole article…

Oh, and by the way…they credit our final descent into this madness with socialism with the “historic” election of Barak Hussein Obama. Boy, oh boy…can we un-CHANGE this in a hurry? I do not want to stand in line for hours for toilet paper made out of wood chips and Elmer’s glue…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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